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SpectraPure® Mega MaxCap® DI Cartridge - 10" - DI-MMC-10

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The Famous Mega MaxCap has been Re-Formulated for 2023 with an all-new custom blend of resin that increases the already outstanding capacity and longevity of the best Pre-DI cartridge on the market!

Like the legacy MaxCap cartridges, the Mega MaxCap functions as a “roughing” DI stage, by removing the vast majority of residual ammonia, phosphates, and other trace ionized impurities that have passed through a purification system’s RO membrane.

This pre-processing improves RO water chemistry to the degree that the downstream mixed bed and/or layered bed DI resins in subsequent “finishing” stages will continue to perform optimally for far greater durations, processing 4 times or more DI water by volume than otherwise possible.

The newly formulated Mega MaxCap DI’s higher capacity and enhanced phosphate removal provides even greater overall DI cartridge life; processing even more water and extending the life of down-stream finishing DI cartridges even better than its predecessor.

The Mega MaxCap DI should be used ahead of any indicating or non-indicating Mixed Bed, SilicaBuster, Enduro DI, or other conventional Mixed Bed DI “finishing” cartridges, to greatly extend cartridge life, thus requiring far fewer replacements over time.

Enjoy consistently ultra-pure DI water, and water production cost savings.


- Standard Twist-top shell, 3in dia x 10in L, fits in virtually all standard 10inch filter housings

- Roughing DI cartridge designed to be placed ahead of a Mixed Bed, SilicaBuster™ or other finishing DI stage

- Newly Formulated and Improved performance over the legacy Mega MaxCap

- 3.5 times the capacity of conventional Mixed-Bed and Hi-Silica removal cartridges

- Removes residual ammonia and ionized impurities from RO stream

- Improved phosphate removal and extended cartridge longevity 

- Aluminized packaging eliminates resin degradation while in storage

- Interchangeable with Captive Purity, Kent Marine, AWI, BRS, and most other residential or aquarium DI or RO/DI systems

Warning: SpectraPure does not recommend drinking water produced from deionization (DI) as DI resins are typically not made of food grade approved material.

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SpectraPure® Mega MaxCap® DI Cartridge - 10" - DI-MMC-10

$46.99 USD

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great to did business with the leader in the industry

Love the product and customer service is exceptional

Ryan Slade
Best purchase yet for my aquarium!

I have been looking at spectrapure site at all things RODI. Finally caved and ordered a new round of filters. They shipped within 48 hours and arrived two days later. Only place I will buy filters from now on. Next up RO filter!

Larry Powell

SpectraPure® Mega MaxCap® DI Cartridge

james klayman
di cartridges

Perfect back to O

Aaron Hoffer
Great product

I switched to from BRS resin to Sprectra Pure max resin canisters. I think the Sprectra Pure's larger sized, disposable canisters are actually a better value. We have extremely hard water and Spectra Pure's larger selection of resins is helpful.

FYI: If you go to pick up your order instead of having it shipped, be aware that their office is small and difficult to find. Give them a call for directions.

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