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SpectraPure® MaxCap ® Manual Flush RO/DI System - 90/150 GPD - MC-RODI-90-MF / 150-MF

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Product description

The SpectraPure MaxCap RODI Systems w/ Manual Flush Valve incorporate a 90 or 150GPD high-silicate removal TFC membrane, 0.5 micron MicroTec Sediment and 0.5 micron Carbon Block Filters, plus the new 33% greater capacity MAXCAP and SilicaBuster SuperDI DI Cartridges. Manual flush valve, ASO Valve and Float Valve are included, and two Dual-Probe Inline TDS Monitors measure water purity at 4 different points in the system. You can be always be assured of Zero-TDS product water. These systems maximize pure water production through application of the laboratory grade resins used in our specialty deionization cartridges, providing 99.95% Silica Removal and Extended DI Cartridge Life. Ultra-high purity DI water at a half the cost!

  • 90 or 150 gallon per day 98% rejection* thin-film composite Reverse Osmosis Membranes
  • 2:1 waste ratio produces 50% less waste water
  • 33% larger High-Capacity SuperDI MaxCap DI Cartridge has 4 times more capacity than a typical mixed-bed DI cartridge
  • 33% larger High-Capacity SuperDI Silica-Buster DI Cartridge maximizes silica & phosphate removal
  • Ultra-high efficiency 0.5 micron MicroTec Sediment Pre-Filter
  • 0.5 micron Carbon Block Pre-Filter with 20,000 ppm-gallons chlorine removal capacity

Accessories Included:

  • Two Dual-Probe Inline TDS meters: One monitors RO Membrane performance and one monitors DI cartridge performance
  • Tri-color custom pressure gauge indicates when to change prefilters
  • Manual flush valve for longer membrane life
  • Automatic in-line shutoff valve saves water
  • In-line ball valve for manual system shut off
  • Float valve for unattended operation
  • Clear filter housings
  • Durable, no-rust mounting bracket
  • 6-foot feed tubing
  • 8-foot product and waste lines included
  • Housing wrench for easy filter removal
  • Garden hose adapter for tap water hookup
  • Dimensions: 20in x 7in x 16in
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty
Membrane Information
90 GPD Systems = MEM-SP-0090
150 GPD Systems = MEM-SP-0150
  • Typical stabilized conductivity rejection 99%, min. conductivity rejection 98%.
  • Membranes produce rated GPD ± 20% at 60 psi.
  • Permeate flow and conductivity rejection based on 500 ppm, 77°F (25°C) softened water feed, 15% recovery and the specified applied pressure.
Warning: Spectrapure does not recommend drinking water produced from deionization (DI) as DI resins are typically not made of food grade approved material.
*RO and RODI systems that are installed areas with low feed-water pressure often require a booster pump to optimize system operation.
The correct Booster Pump to be used with SpectraPure’s Manual Membrane Flush (-MF) RO or RODI Systems is SpectraPure’s auxiliary High-Flow Booster Pump Kit P/N: BPHF-MF-115. This kit is designed specifically for use with SpectraPure Manual-Flush Systems. Other booster pump kits are not compatible with SpectraPure Manual-Flush (-MF) systems.
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SpectraPure® MaxCap ® Manual Flush RO/DI System - 90/150 GPD - MC-RODI-90-MF / 150-MF

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jonathan Kam
Excellent unit!

The RO/DI unit arrived securely packaged, with no damage or problems. Everything was ready to go out of the box pretty much, just mount and attach the input and output lines. Works great, everything was set up as I asked for and all lines secured and leak-free. Great product from a great company, always performs better than expected!


The best I ever used solid unit

Esmee Rills
allways the best

this is 3rd unit from SpectraPure all have done well fast shipping great packing

Bob Goemans
Bob Goemans -

After decades of using various SpectraPure products, have found all to be of the highest technical and physical quality! Without question, am 100% satisfied with SpectraPure products, and their technical support!

tyrone j

Had a similar unit from another company and after 4 uses, was getting high silicates, put this system in and haven't had any problems, great system

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