SpectraPure® 4 Position Magnetic Probe/Sensor Holder




SpectraPure's Magnetic Probe Holders were designed for professionals and hobbyists alike, and are the strongest holding aquarium/sump probe trays on the market. Designed using the most powerful magnets available, fully encapsulated and with contact/mounting surfaces backed using a high tech polymer material that will not slip on wet aquarium walls, these holders securely hold their position on tank walls up to 0.75 inch (19 mm) thick. The 4 Position model has two 0.5 inch (12.7 mm) diameter probe holes on the right, and two 0.68 inch (17.3 mm) diameter probe holes on the left. Probe holes are equipped with large nylon thumb screws for securing probes or sensor tubes vertically as desired. Rubber bushings can be used to better accommodate smaller diameter probes or sensors, making these trays compatible with most probes on the market. Problems with slipping suction cups or weak magnetic holders are now a thing of the past!


● Ultra strong fully encapsulated magnets with non slip polymer backing for maximum holding power
● 0.50 & 0.68 diameter probe holes with nylon thumb screws
● Compatible with most probes on the market, including Neptune
● Available in 2 Probe and 4 Probe models

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