HM Digital DM-2 Deluxe Inline Dual Probe TDS Meter




The DM-2 is a commercial grade TDS meter that will help monitor the water feeding into your RODI system, as well as the output of the RODI filter for any impurities, so you know if a carbon block, the DI resin, or TFC membrane needs to be switched out, ensuring your aquarium water is as pure as it can be.

Its shielded cables, along with diagnostic messaging, the DM-2 also works nicely within applications such as drinking water, forms of water treatment, hydroponics, and other uses.


    • Advanced microprocessor technology ensures high-efficiency and accuracy
    • Electrode probes measure the TDS levels of the input and output water shown on the digital display
    • Battery saving Auto-OFF function, after 3 minutes
    • Factory calibrated with a 342 ppm NaCl solution
    • Diagnostic error messaging
    • Shielded sensor cables
    • Two 1/4" T-fittings

    • Replacement Batteries: 2x AA Batteries

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