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Eliminator® 4 RODI Systems

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SpectraPure® Eliminator® RODI Systems are the only RODI system you'll need for any DI Water applications. Keep your Fish and Coral healthy with the purest RODI water on the market. The Eliminator is the Original and Ultimate Reverse Osmosis System. Built to last, with everything you need to get started right out of the box, the Eliminator is guaranteed to keep your Aquarium thriving for years to come.

SpectraPure® has been Manufacturing and doing Research & Development in the Water Purification Industry for over 30 years. All of our systems are built and tested in our Tempe, AZ Warehouse; we build what we know. We don't sell pet supplies. We do pure water do water, and we do it best.

Don't waste money on expensive systems and filters from companies that don't understand what they're selling. Trust SpectraPure for the purest water, every time.

Questions about Filters, Production Rates, Membranes, or just want a better understanding?
Visit our Know Your Filters Page to learn more! Or shoot us a message!

Pre-Filter Kits Include:

Standard: 1x 1 Micron Sediment / 2x 1 Micron Carbon

0.5 Micron Filter Kit:
1x 0.5 Micron Sediment / 2x 0.5 Carbon

ChloroKiller Filter Kit:
1x 0.5 Micron Sediment / 1x 1 Micron MATRIKX ChloraGuard Carbon / 1x 0.5 Micron Carbon

ZetaZorb Filter Kit:
1x 0.2 Micron ZetaZorb Sediment / 2x 0.5 Micron Carbon

SpectraPure® Eliminator® RODI System FEATURES :
    • Single SpectraPure® 90GPD or 150GPD Membranes with 98% Stabilized Rejection
    • 1x Standard 1 Micron Sediment Filter
    • 1x Standard 1 Micron Carbon Filter

    • 1x Enduro Mixed Bed DI Cartridge

    • 3:1 Waste to Product Ratio on Hard Water - 2:1 Waste to Product Ration on Soft Water
    • Manual flush Assembly with In-line ball valve for manual flush to extend membrane life and prevent TDS Creep
    • Automatic inline shut off valve for automated production
    • Float valve for unattended reservoir production
    • 3x Clear filter housings
    • Pressure gauge for monitoring pre-filter pressure

    • HM Digital DM-1 Meter for constant TDS monitoring
    • Durable, no rust mounting bracket
    • 6ft of Black Feed tubing, 6ft of Blue Product and Yellow Waste tubing included
    • Housing wrench for easy filter removal
    • Garden hose adapter for tap water hookup
    • 1 year manufacturer's warranty

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Eliminator® 4 RODI Systems

Customer Reviews

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Lawrence Benjamin
Plug and Play!

This is a great product. So easy to set up and the quality is there. I replaced another RO/DI unit that was only 2 years old. My previous unit was junk because the filters got exhausted so quickly and the automatic shut off didn't work. I can see I'm not going to have those problems anymore.

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