SpectraPure® MicroTec Sediment Filter Cartridge - 0.5 Micron - 10"

SKU: SF-MT-0.5-10



MicroTec Sediment Pre-filter Cartridge - 0.5 Micron, 2.5 inch D x 10 inch L

SpectraPure® MicroTec sediment prefilters are high efficiency depth gradient density filter cartridges with almost absolute micron ratings. They are strongly recommended for areas with extremely high sediment levels like NY, WA, ND, NC and IL etc. The gradient pore structure of these cartridges captures larger particles in the outer sections of the filter cartridge, while providing highly efficient and consistent removal of smaller particles in the core.


  • Graduated sediment removal

  • Excellent for use in areas with extremely high sediment levels

  • Near absolute micron rating

  • Proprietary center core for added strength

  • Longer life cycles

  • Greater particulate holding capacity

  • Consistent filtration even at high differential pressures

  • 100% polypropylene construction

Customer Reviews

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Great Products

Good product fast delivery

Using Spectrpure filters system and filters for past 5 years. It’s worth the money.

30+ Years

I've been a user of SpectraPure RO units for over 30 years. I bought my first one when I lived in a town with hard, bad-tasting tap water. I had been using a bottled water service, but switched to the RO when bottled water became more costly than gasoline (at the time).

I also keep aquariums, and my favorite fish species tend to be from soft water environments, so I use a 10 gallon pressure tank and blend the RO water with tap to get my desired hardness..

SpectraPure branded filters and cartridges have always worked well for me. There are cheaper alternatives available, but SpectraPure's product performance is consistant and I tend to stay with a brand that I KNOW will work. I can normally get a year's use from the filters/cartridges, and I've only had to change-out a membrane once.

SpectraPure is a small company, so at times their processes can be a little slow and item availability kinda sketchy, but they always come through.

I'm currently on my 3rd SpectraPure RO (90 GPD / Non-DI) in my 3rd house. If I ever move again, I will buy another.

I guess that makes me a satisfied customer.

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