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1 of 15 products

RO Systems

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Engineered for Quality

SpectraPure takes pride in our maufacturing. The first RO systems for retail use back in the 1990s has given us over 30 years to perfect the quality of our Reverse Osmosis Systems.

All of our RO/RODI Systems are made with the highest quality parts, handpicked by our Owner and Lead Engineer, Charles Mitsis; built by hand and tested right here in our warehouse in Tempe, Arizona.

All of our membranes and filters are chosen for their quality and lifespan, unparalleled in the industry.

All of our DI Resins are bought individually, rinsed and processed in-house, and mixed and loaded into cartridges by hand to ensure the highest quality available on the market.

We stand by our products, with customers contacting us for support on systems that have been running for over 20 years. We don't build systems to be replaced, we build them to last for years to come.

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