Second Line of Defense - Carbon Filters

Second Line of Defense - Carbon Filters

At the heart of each SpectraPure water purification system are specific and important stages of filtration.

In this article, we are going to learn about your water filtration’s second line of defense — the all important carbon filters! First things first, make sure your sediment filter is of good quality, such as SpectraPure's 0.35 Micron Pleated Sediment Filter (see our sediment filter selection), your first line of defense, and that it is changed out regularly, enabling it to do its all important job, that of removing unwanted sediment. That's because your carbon filter has a lot of important work to do, as well. If sediment gets past the first stage, it can clog the activated carbon filter and reduce its ability to break down harmful compounds that could damage your RO membrane. Next, invest in good quality carbon filters (see our carbon filter selection). Chlorine and chloramine are poison; designed to kill all living things in your water. The good news is, activated carbon can effectively break down these toxic compounds, but it is important that there is enough surface area for their catalytic reactions to take place. Keeping the carbon filter stage sediment-free is very important. Making sure your carbon filters keep chlorine away from your RO membrane and you is also key - not only for a healthier, longer-lasting water filtration system but a healthier happier you! Need help? Our experts love helping you with all your water filtration, maintenance, and technical support needs, if you have a challenge, then SpectraPure has your solution! Thanks for choosing SpectraPure — your one-stop resource for keeping your water pure and perfectly balanced for life.

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