RODI Aquarium Water Purification Kit

RODI Aquarium Water Purification Kit

There’s nothing quite like hosting some of the world’s most exotic fish and flora in your home or office space. When done right, your investment of time, resources, and education will continue to add to the enjoyment and satisfaction of your masterpiece for years to come.

With water purification systems from SpectraPure, you can rest assured that you are working with leaders in the water filtration and purification industry that love helping you realize the fullest potential of your starter aquarium or reef tank. Continue reading to learn about our Aquarium RO/DI Starter Kit, and shop our online store today!

SpectraPure Aquarium RO/DI Starter Kit

The Aquarium RO/DI Starter Kit from SpectraPure includes everything you need to produce your own supply of pure deionized water for your starter aquarium. Additionally, you will also have the ability to produce fresh tasting RO drinking water for your home or office with our Drinking Water Ad-On Kit! This all-in-one, four-stage RO/DI Starter System includes a set of 0.5-micron sediment and carbon pre-filters, a 90 gallon per day (GPD) SpectraPure® RO membrane, and a standard SilicaBuster™ DI (deionization) cartridge. Also included in the Aquarium RO/DI Starter Kit are a pressure gauge, adapter for your water supply, a reservoir float valve, a digital TDS meter for measuring total dissolved solids, and an auto shut-off valve. SpectraPure believes that it is important to provide you with each of these components as you begin your aquarium build, because we know that we are providing you with a solid foundation in one easy-to-use, cost-effective kit that can be added to as your aquarium needs grow. You can purchase with confidence, knowing that the same care, engineering, and support that is found in our professional systems is also provided in our starter kit. If your love for indoor reefing continues to grow and you need to expand your water purification system needs, then you will be happy to know that our starter kit can stand toe-to-toe with our professional systems without having to throw anything away! Simply purchase the additional pieces that you need and add them to the starter kit for a more robust water purification system.  With SpectraPure’s Aquarium Starter Kit, it is easy to create your own RO drinking water as well. Be sure to check back for future posts where we’ll address the products we provide for you to enjoy the best tasting drinking water possible! At SpectraPure it’s our mission to be your trusted water purification partner every step of the way! When it comes to water purification systems, SpectraPure prides itself on being the innovator of pure water. We are passionate about creating products that allow you to provide the best, purest water possible for your drinking and indoor reefing needs. Whether you’re just getting started or have been maintaining your aquariums for years, our experts are here to answer your questions and provide the help you need. Shop our complete line of water purification systems in our online store today and create an indoor reef that you can be proud of for years to come!

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