Reef Stew & More’s Recipe for Success Begins With SpectraPure

Reef Stew & More’s Recipe for Success Begins With SpectraPure

Reef Stew is a specialized diet contained in high-quality SpectraPure water, which was invented to feed Clownfish fry from the moment they hatch until they grow large enough to consume commercially prepared foods. The algae in Reef Stew consists of nannochloropsis, tetraselmis, isochrysis, and pavlova algae. The zooplankton is a combination of rotifers, two different types of newly hatched decapsulated brine shrimp, medium-sized grown out brine shrimp, and copepods. Making sure that Clownfish receive a balanced diet that is high in nutrients is one way that Reef Stew & More ensures healthy animals. Reef Stew’s application isn’t limited to just fish fry, it’s an amazing solution for feeding adult fish as well. It’s also great for corals which have been shown to become healthier when their diet includes nutrients in addition to those created by photosynthesis. Reef Stew feeds clams and other filter feeders and can be used to “seed” a new aquarium with copepods. Some aquarists swear by it as a means to combat “old tank syndrome” and continue to periodically introduce Reef Stew into their tanks and sumps every few months to ensure a healthy micro-ecosystem. In addition to Bob Bittner’s passion for Reef Stew, he is also interested in fish breeding, coral farming, and coral fragging. Reef Stew & More is respected industry-wide for their different types of coral such as blue SPS, green star polyp, chalice, zenia, and nepthea, and their most popular invention — the Frag Gripper. The Frag Gripper is capable of holding coral frags in place without the use of glue! Bob Bitner has said that pure zero TDS water is the first ingredient in his recipe for success! Bittner is proud of his 1,000 gallon per day RODI system and credits both SpectraPure and Charles Mistis not only for their excellent product but also their hands-on approach to helping every customer succeed.

You can take a peek Bob Bittner’s 1000 gallon RODI system in all its glory here: and hear first hand what Bittner has to say about Charles Mistis and SpectraPure in this week’s episode of SpectraPure TV:

SpectraPure provides a full spectrum of solutions to ensure your reef water is ultra-pure and that your vision is successful. One of the ways we do this is by offering a complimentary 5-Point Assessment to every customer we talk with. It’s how we invested in Bob Bittner’s dream, and how we promise to invest in yours. For more information or for help determining the type of RODI system that is best for you, please contact us today. We’ll have your dream system up and running at its best, in no time!

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