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Koi Facts: Hanako was a female koi carp who lived in a Japanese pond for over two centuries. Born in 1751, Hanako (which means ‘flower maid’) was handed down through several generations of the same family, and when she died in 1977 she was examined to assess her age using the growth rings found on her scales. Hanako was still a wee nipper in comparison to one ocean quahog mollusc – posthumously named Ming – that was found in 2006. Scientists estimated its age as 507 years old. It was called Ming after the Chinese dynasty that was in power when it was born in 1499.
Interesting Facts about Aquariums:
  1. Research shows that aquariums have a calming and relaxing effect on people.
  2. Aquariums make an attractive focal point in your home or business.
  3. Fish can have compatibility issues, just like people.
  4. It takes an expert to spot unhealthy fish.
  5. The ratio of water surface to the number of fish is very important.
  6. One facility in metro Vancouver that houses seniors has replaced the televisions in some of the common areas with aquariums. It found the residents are more interested in the fish than they were with the televisions. As well, the residents have become more stimulated as a result of observing and discussing the fish.
  7. Aquarium maintenance could be a tax deduction for your business.

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