Get Hooked on SpectraPure - Your Key to Helping Coral Thrive!

Get Hooked on SpectraPure - Your Key to Helping Coral Thrive!

Having a spectacular display of live coral, combined with exotic marine life at your home or office sounds like a slice of paradise attainable only by the rich and famous, right? In fact, not too long ago, it was nearly impossible for coral to stay alive, much less thrive, outside of their natural habitats. With SpectraPure RODI filtration systems, not only is it now possible, but it can also be set into a perfectly balanced eco-climate, right in your home or office.

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Get Hooked on SpectraPure's RODI Systems and let our tech support team provide you with our complimentary 5-Point Assessment, so you can make your home or office reef tank dream a reality!

Let’s take a look at some of the things that exotic corals need to thrive. SpectraPure’s founder, Charles Mistis, made it easy for anyone to produce near-zero, total dissolved solids (TDS) water with reverse osmosis deionization, commonly known as RODI.

What do coral and tropical marine life need in order to thrive?

Rich Sunlight

In their natural habitats, most corals grow in shallow water where sunlight can easily reach them. Zooxanthellae, a form of algae found inside coral, is responsible for converting sunlight into energy, oxygen, and fuel. Since this algae thrives on sunshine, it’s vital that coral receive adequate light. Sunlight is easily recreated with LED lights and the specific spectrums provided by LED lights can help to bring out some of the spectacular colors that are present in certain fish and corals.

Warm Consistent Temperatures

Reef-building corals require consistent, warm water conditions to survive. Different corals living in different regions can withstand slight temperature fluctuations, however, corals generally live in water temperatures of 68° – 90° F or 20° – 32° C. Once you have set your water to the right temperature, it’s important to maintain that setting. Manual water exchanges can cause sudden fluctuations in water temperatures. The SpectraPure Liter Meter III can help. It is an automatic dosing and programmable controller with a timer that is capable of miniature water exchanges that are set to a specific volume for every 24-hour cycle. You won’t have to worry anymore about drastic swings between temperatures with each manual water change. With the Liter Meter III, you can maintain consistency in your reef tank’s environment at all times. 

Proper Mineralization

Corals need saltwater to survive, and they require a certain balance in the ratio of salt to water. This is why corals don’t live in areas where rivers drain fresh water into the ocean. SpectraPure’s precision dosing and water exchange systems can be used to supply the correct amounts of saline and soluble mineral replenishments that your aquarium needs.

Pristine Water

If adequate sunlight cannot reach coral due to opaque waters caused by sediment, then the Zooxanthellae cannot do their job. Clear, sediment-free environments are vital to the health and longevity of your corals. Corals are also highly sensitive to pollution. While tap water may appear to be clear, the levels of trace chemicals, cleaning agents, inorganic and organic compounds, metals, phosphates, nitrates, and even antibiotics present can be deadly to sea life. Even with a conditioning agent added, you want to avoid using untreated tap water. Corals and other inhabitants can thrive only in pristine water conditions. This is where RODI systems come into play. Few water-purification systems deliver results to the degree that this advanced filtration method offers. Until RODI water was introduced to the industry, keeping coral alive in a tank was nearly impossible. SpectraPure is proud to be the first to introduce RODI to the reef tank industry and continues to set the bar high both in water purification and in reef tank optimization! For more information on how RODI water systems may hold the key to unlocking your tank’s potential, read this educational article at Reef Hacks. Pure water is the cornerstone of SpectraPure’s success and something we are absolutely passionate about. Check out our website and get hooked on everything we offer, from reef tank starter kits to high-performance RODI systems like our MaxCap 90 and MaxCap 180. We also offer high-efficiency pump systems, including performance-plus mega MaxCap RODI Systems and UHE Systems, which are capable of de-ionizing 90 to 400 gallons per day. At SpectraPure, we offer a full spectrum of solutions, which ensure that your reef water will be ultra-pure, and your SpectraPure filtration system will outperform and outlive similar systems.

Need help? Our experts would love to help you achieve your dream reef environment.

SpectraPure's Exclusive Complementary 5-Point Assessment

SpectraPure offers an exclusive five-point assessment to help you determine the best approach and RODI filtration system you need to produce pristine water for your reef tank. This assessment is very important as tap water can vary significantly in a number of areas, including hardness (TDS), water pressure, contaminates, and water temperature. We can also help you determine the water production quantity you need for your reef tank. Our goal is to help you enjoy hours of watching your very own reef tank in your home or office. We look forward to helping you, and we’ll have your dream system up and running in no time!

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