Auto Top-Off System

Auto Top-Off System

One less thing to worry about!

Your reef tank is looking its best, the water is clear and your corals and salt water fish seem happy and content and are providing you with hours of tranquility, watching your pride and joy. A few weeks go by and while you are staying on track with your water exchanges, you begin to notice that your water level is drifting. Perhaps you didn't realize it, but evaporation is affecting not only your water level, but your saline content seems to be climbing.

Dealing with Evaporation:

Pure water top off helps to ensure that you are replacing the precise amount of water that is lost due to evaporation. The SpectraPure Auto Top-Off System (ATO) is a high-quality system that is designed to safeguard your reef tank from becoming saline rich. Whether you are exchanging your water continuously with our LiterMeter pump system or through manual intervals, replacing the exact amount of water that is removed will eventually result in a drop in overall water levels. This difference occurs because even precise water changes don’t account for the drop in water levels that is caused by evaporation. Why worry about having to manually keep your reef tank topped off? With SpectraPure’s Auto Top-Off System, your optimal water levels will be maintained at the consistent level you desire.

Building a System:

Coupled with our patented LiterMeter III Precision Dosing System and our Reverse Osmosis/Deionization systems (RODI), you can be sure that your aquarium water is not only optimal for all of your marine life today, but will remain that way for years to come. Need help? Contact us for a complimentary 5-point assessment at or (480) 894-5437. Our experts love helping you achieve your dream reef environment, so if you have a challenge, then we have your solution!

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