Universal Drinking Water Kit




Add a drinking water faucet and storage tank to almost any RO or RODI system. Includes 4 gallon Bladder Tank, Non Air Gap Faucet, Valves, Fittings, Tubing and Instructions.

Works with all of our Aquatic RO and RODI systems and most competitor systems. If you have a question, just call!

* Note: Drinking water add-on kit not intended for use with processor-controlled "UHE" or Automatic Flush (AF) RO or RODI systems


  •  Works with most* RO or RODI systems

  • Converts your RO or RODI System for use as a drinking water system

  • 4 gallon pressurized storage tank with ball valve fits in most under sink locations

  • Lead free, long reach chrome non-air-gap faucet

  • In-Line GAC post-filter for great tasting pure water

  • Includes feed water adapter, waste water drain saddle, ASO valve, check valves, quick-connect fittings and tubing

  • Auto-shut-off valve conserves water while prolonging system life

  • Easy under-the-sink installation

  • No electricity required

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