SpectraPure® LiterMeter® III Water Exchange Module




The LiterMeter® III Water Exchange Module is a compact LiterMeter® III pump module with a built in water level sensor controlled switch. The WXM is designed to be used as a LiterMeter® remote pump module, however power to this pump is interrupted when tank water rises to the preset level regardless of LiterMeter® controller programming. WXM adds an external (Gen 6) pump with independent overflow control to any LiterMeter® III Dosing System. Includes a precision Gen 6 peristaltic metering pump and sensor tube control assembly.


    • For use with all LiterMeter® III Dosing Systems

    • Pump automatically stops when water level is full

    • Includes a 2 Year Limited Warranty

    • Latest Generation (Gen6) Version

    • Dependable and virtually maintenance free

    • Draws up from 25 ft, Pumps up to 60 ft!

    • Self-priming and Anti-siphoning

    • Compact size and cool operation




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