SpectraPure® LiterMeter® III Overflow Protection Module



LiterMeter® III Overflow Protection Module - For use with new Gen 6 LiterMeters & Pumps 
with pressure sensor tube assembly and connectors for Gen6 LiterMeter III and accessories.

Overflow protection for LiterMeter® and Remote Pumps.  Automatically shuts down the LiterMeter® III to prevent overflow, in the event that a pump connected to channels A, B or C, remain in the "ON" position. 

LM3 Serial Numbers to identify Gen:

05/25/05 LM3-10001-10555, LM3-11001-11046

07/10/07 GEN 4 LM3-11047-11403

08/28/08 GEN 5 LM3-11404-11431, LM3-51001-51363, LM352001-52002

09/02/08 GEN 6 LM3-55001-55050, LM3-60001-Present

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