SpectraPure® Float Level Controller for RO and RODI Systems




FLC-10 Float Level Controller - Includes an ASO valve, float valve, check valve, mini bladder tank, a straight ball valve, tubing and necessary fittings.

SpectraPure® Float Level Controller provides an economical way to automatically fill open reservoir storage tanks. The automatic shut off valve, in conjunction with the mini bladder, provides positive shut off and completely shuts off the waste water and product water lines, thus conserving water. Requires 9/16 inch D hole for mounting float valve.


  • For unattended filling of tanks, reservoirs and sumps

  • Positive shut off; completely shuts off all waste and product water

  • Use for the automatic filling of multiple open reservoir storage tanks

  • Reservoirs can be located as much 50 feet away from the RO or RO/DI systemNote:  This type of Float Level Controller is not recommended for evaporation replacement in aquariums.  For those applications, we recommend SpectraPure Single or Multiple Tank Liquid Replenishers.

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