SpectraPure® Eliminator® RO 1000 GPD Replacement Membrane




Replacement RO membrane for ELIMINATOR RO 1000 reverse osmosis systems, this high-performance 1000 GPD TFC RO Membrane is pretested and treated with a proprietary process to enhance the rejection and production


  • High rejection and high yield 1000 GPD SpectraPure® RO membrane

  • Typical Minimum Rejection: 96%.*

  • Typical Stabilized Salt Rejection: 98%.

  •  Membranes produce the rated GPD ± 20% at 60 psi.** Permeate flow and salt rejection based on feed at 250 ppm , 77°F (25°C), 15% recovery and the specified applied pressure.Note: Membranes must be matched with flow restrictors. Always change the flow restrictor when changing system membrane size.

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