Basic LiterMeter® Dosing Pump




The Basic LiterMeter® Pump is a stand-alone Gen6 LiterMeter® peristaltic pump and 12VDC Switching Power Supply. This pump can be controlled by manually disconnecting DC supply power to the pump, or manually, controlling AC power to the supply using a timer or external aquarium controller. Perfect for dosing Alk, Mg, Calcium or Kalkwasser! Inexpensive automatic water exchanges can now be done via aquarium controller. Simply the best aquarium dosing pump on the market hands down!

Simply plug the pump into an AC outlet, prime it by letting it suck up and spit out solution with the full amount of tubing you're going to use. Once primed, set the output tube into a small measuring cup or beaker and time the pump for 1 minute to determine it's rate, how much solution is dispensed (eg. 50ml/min). Once determined, plug the pump into your controller and increase or decrease it's run time to achieve the desired dose - that's it!

For safety double check the rate on a regular schedule in additon to performing tests to verify acceptable water parameters.


    • Absolutely the Quietest pump on the market
    • Includes a 2 Year Limited Warranty
    • Latest Generation 6 (G6) Version
    • Dependable and virtually maintenance free
    • Draws up from 25 ft, Pumps up to 60 ft!
    • Self-priming and Anti-siphoning
    • Compact size and cool operation

Note: SpectraPure® Inc will not be liable for any damages or losses from the use or misuse of this or any other dosing product.


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