Pressure Switch Controlled Booster Pump Kit

SKU: BPHF-PS-093-115


High Flow Booster Pump w/ Pressure Switch & Solenoid Valve for 90-180gpd Systems, 115VAC - This Booster Pump Kit provides an Electronic Solenoid and Pressure Switch to control filling of a reservoir.

- Increases line pressure to any 90-180gpd Line Pressure fed RO or DI Systems
- Add-on to existing RO, RO/DI Drinking Water Systems (DWS) or Permeate Pump Drinking Water Systems (DWS-PP)
- Boost incoming pressure to 80 psi for enhanced production and increased purity
- Can be operated in any position
- Whisper quiet
- Advanced diaphragm technology and improved bearings extend pump life and lower noise
- Sealed pump design protects from moisture and prolongs motor life
- Adjustable pressure output

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