SpectraPure® 6 Stage Chloramine Removal RO/DI System



The SpectraPure® 6 Stage Chloramine Removal RO System is one of our Strongest Consumer Systems available! It combines SpectraPure®'s 4 Stage Chloramine Removal SuperDI System with ChlorKiller Reverse Osmosis followed by MaxCap® & SilicaBuster™ Dual DI stages.

The system Includes SpectraSelect Plus 90 GPD 99% Rejection RO Membrane, 3-stage ChlorKiller Pre-Filtration, 2 Stages of High Capacity DI, Dual-Point TDS monitoring, Pressure Gauge, & Automatic Shutoff Valve with Float Switch. 

This 2-Part system consists of a 4 Stage "ChlorKiller" RO System with manual membrane flush, coupled with a 2 Stage SilicaBuster™ MaxCap® high capacity de-ionization system. Together, these component systems create an exceptional 6 Stage RO/DI-System that will provide the end user with an endless supply of ultra-pure de-ionized water.

The SpectraPure® 6-Stage Chloramine Removal RO System is perfect for areas with highly polluted Tap Water (like here in Arizona!). We packed this system full of our Highest Quality filters to ensure only the purest water is produced every time. With Multi-Point TDS monitoring, you can see the difference it's making on your water, and monitor the health of your membrane so you know when it's time for a change!

SpectraPure has been Manufacturing and doing Research & Development in the Water Purification Industry for over 30 years. If there's one thing we know, it's how to produce the PUREST Water every time. That's why the Professionals recommend and use our products in all their installs and maintenance.

Bring our Science and Knowledge home to your family! Start producing better water than they sell in the stores, for a fraction of the cost. Save time, money, and the environment! Trust SpectraPure to keep you producing the purest water every time!


    • Suitable for areas with high levels of chloramines or chlorine in the tapwater
    • Manual membrane flush increases membrane life & 3:1 waste ratio produces 33% less waste water
    • 4 Stage RO System w/ superior pre filtration & 99% rejection SpectraSelect Plus RO membrane - 2 Stage deionization system w/ SilicaBuster™ & MaxCap® high capacity DI cartridges
    • Multipoint TDS monitoring
    • 0.2 micron (Absolute) ZetaZorb® sediment cartridge works in the worst sediment challenged areas
    • High capacity 0.5 micron carbon block pre-filter eliminates chlorine, herbicides and other organic pollutants
    • 1.0 Micron Pentek ChlorPlus carbon block filter cartridge especially designed for chlorine and chloramine removal
    • 90 GPD SpectraSelect Plus RO membrane 99% Rejection RO membrane
    • RO system pressure gauge measures membrane pressure level and helps indicate when to change pre-filters
    • Clear filter housings & durable, no rust mounting brackets
    • Housing wrench for easy filter removal
    • Tubing, Fittings and Garden Hose Adapter included

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