SpectraPure® ZetaZorb® 0.2 Micron (Absolute) Sediment Filter Cartridge 20"

SKU: SF-ZZ-0.2ABS-20



ZetaZorb® Sediment Prefilter Cartridge - 0.2 Micron (Absolute), 2.8 inch D x 20 inch L

  • The unique technology employed in the construction of the SpectraPure® ZetaZorb® sediment pre-filter enables the filter to hold five times the sediment of any other filter with minimal pressure drop. Think about it. That's 5 x fewer filter changes, 5 x fewer service trips and 5 x less volume of old filters disposed of in your local landfill.

  • With older filter technology, sediment pre-filters were incapable of blocking all fine sediments that could foul the down stream carbon block pre-filter. A fouled carbon block pre-filter cannot trap chlorine, VOC's, solvents, humic, fulvic acids and other contaminants that cause odor and reduce expensive RO membrane life span and performance. The ZetaZorb® stops "pass-through" sediment, which increases the life of the carbon block pre-filter by at least two times.


  • 5 x more dirt holding capacity than other sediment pre-filters

  • 0.2 Micron absolute removal efficiency doubles the longevity of your carbon block pre-filter, which protects the heart of your RO system (the RO membrane) from pass through sediments

  • Significantly reduces membrane fouling

  • Operational costs are reduced significantly

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