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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I determine the quality of my tap water?
Why might my filter change frequency increase?
Why can't I get any output from the RO when I just changed the filters in my MaxCap UHE system?
Is drinking DI water okay?
How do I clean my plated sediment filter?
Why is my DI cartridge not filling up with water all the way?
How do I calculate CO2 and its effects on DI water production?
Why is there a noise coming from my air gap faucet?
How does the permeate pump reduce wastewater by 80 percent?
Why are there different GPD ratings on the same RO membrane?
Does your body need the minerals in drinking water?
Is there such a thing as Zero-Indicated TDS?
What is the shelf life for filters?
What is the proper way to replace the four filters on the MAXCAP System?
How bad is your water?
How does SpectraPure differentiate its RO membrane?
Why won't my ice maker create ice? / Why does it make small ice cubes?
Why do I need to flush the membrane?