SpectraPure® LiterMeter® 4 Starter Kit



The Brand New SpectraPure® LiterMeter® 4 is a fully programmable and automated Dosing Pump Controller that can control up to four SpectraPure® Peristaltic Dosing Pumps individually and/or simultaneously.

With Wi-Fi (2.4ghz) capabilities, the SpectraPure® LiterMeter® 4 is our most advanced dosing system yet! After a simple setup process to get the LM4 onto your Wi-Fi network, all you need to do is plug, program, and pump!

With 4 Outputs for Pumps and 4 Inputs for Sensors, SpectraPure®'s LiterMeter® 4 is a compact but powerful controller that helps you create a full array for your Aquarium or other dosing applications. With an easy to use menu controlled over your Smart Phone, Tablet, or Computer, you can quickly Calibrate, Customize, and get your system up and running faster than ever before.

SpectraPure®'s new and improved 7th Generation (G7) Peristaltic Dosing Pumps are the perfect partner for the new LiterMeter® 4! Connecting quickly and safely using our Male-to-Male 3-Conductor cables. With Lengths from 3ft to 25ft long, SpectraPure®'s Heavy-Duty Gold-Plated Shielded Cables will give you the distance you need to setup your system how you want, while ensuring the security of your equipment for years to come.

SpectraPure®'s LiterMeter 4 can be setup in any position or direction, on any surface or incline, guaranteeing you the control you need to create the setup you want. It can even be orientated with the wires at the top or at the bottom of the unit! When the orientation of the LM4 changes, simply press any button on the controller to automatically change the screen and button's orientation! No confusion, no fuss, no fixing. The SpectraPure® LiterMeter® 4 just works the way you need it to.

Functions are grouped in simple pages: “Settings”, “Calibrate”, “System”, and “Inputs”. All parameters are updated and saved as soon as a button is pressed! No need for additional commands or setup!

Paired with SpectraPure®'s  new G7 Peristaltic Dosing Pumps, you'll never have to worry about your dosing system again. Experience the future of Dosing Technology with SpectraPure®'s LiterMeter® 4!



  • Wi-Fi Connectivity for Full Customization and Control from any Smart Phone, Tablet, or Computer
  • No Wi-Fi? No Problem! The LM4 creates it's own network for you to connect to as well
  • 4 Outputs (A,B,C,D) so you can Program and Control up to to 4 Dosing Pumps simultaneously or individually
  • 4 Inputs (1,2,3,4) for up to 4 Sensors that can be assigned to any pump in the array
  • 6 Settings available for On-Demand, Scheduled, or Delayed Dosing
  • Simple Setup and Calibration gets you up and running quickly
  • Firmware Updates - Any improvement we make, you get with a simple update

Starter Kit Comes with:

  • LM4 Controller
  • G7 Dosing Pump 
  • Liquid Level Sensor
  • Graduating Cylinder
  • Cables and Power Supply



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    Rosetta Strasdin
    Litre metre

    Service & advice was excellent. Highly recommended, as we live in the UK.

    Hello Rosetta,

    Thank you for your review. I'm glad that you are so happy with the service we provided.

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