SpectraPure® G7 LiterMeter® Basic Auto Top Off



 SpectraPure®'s Flagship Series is back for 2021 with it's 7th Generation line of Pumps and Modules to keep your tank in perfect shape for many years to come!

SpectraPure®'s Brand New Basic Auto Top Off System brings another series of improvements to the best ATO on the market. With improved noise dampening we continue to be the quietest pump on the market, while still offering the power to get your water where you need it, no matter the distance. Offering draw of 25+ Vertical Feet, and 60ft+ of delivery, SpectraPure® sets the standard for what a pump can do!

Tested for over 25,000 hours of operation, and able to pump over 90,000 gallons of water, SpectraPure®'s newest generation of ATO is built to perform and last! When it's time to change out your tubing, our new interchangeable yoke makes it a breeze.

The SpectraPure® Basic Auto Top Off System comes with everything you need to get your tank on point. Researched, Developed, Manufactured, and Tested by hand in our Tempe, AZ warehouse, you can trust that we know pumps better than anyone else. We don't just make these pumps; we design them to be the best.

Don't trust just any ATO to keep your tank alive! Trust SpectraPure® to give you the performance you need every time, all the time!

SpectraPure®'s Basic Auto Top Off G7 Features:

  • Improved sound dampening material for the quietest operation available
  • The most powerful pumps on the market - offering 25ft+ of vertical draw, and 60ft+ of delivery - get your water when and where you need it
  • Built to last - tested for over 25,000 hours (3 years) of continuous operation - never worry about your levels again
  • Sensor tube assembly for automatic operation.
  • No damage when run dry, giving you security even when you're not around
  • Need new tubing? Our new Interchangeable Yoke is a simple swap - no hassle required
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    John Gardiner

    I've used a g6 basic ato for a couple years now, and it's one of the most reliable pieces of equipment I have. When I wanted to setup a Awc system, there was only one brand of pump I would trust with the task so I bought two more... and another for dosing kalk!

    Mike Glefke

    SpectraPure® G7 LiterMeter® Basic Auto Top Off

    Curtis Slife
    Top Off

    Fantastic customer service from top to bottom and great pump!

    Brandon Turgeon
    Ato for tank

    Pump vibrates pretty bad once water goes through it.

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