1 Micron Sediment Filter Cartridge 10"

SKU: SF-MT-1-10


SpectraPure MicroTec Sediment Pre-filter Cartridge - 1 Micron, 2.5 inch D x 10 inch L

SpectraPure® MicroTec sediment prefilters are high efficiency depth gradient density filter cartridges with almost absolute micron ratings. They are strongly recommended for areas with extremely high sediment levels like NY, WA, ND, NC and IL etc. The gradient pore structure of these cartridges captures larger particles in the outer sections of the filter cartridge, while providing highly efficient and consistent removal of smaller particles in the core.  We recommend changing this filter when a decrease in pressure is noticed.


      • Filter Media: Polypropylene
      • Micron Rating: 0.5 Micron
      • Excellent for use in areas with extremely high sediment levels
      • Near absolute micron rating
      • Proprietary center core for added strength
      • Greater particulate holding capacity
      • Consistent filtration even at high differential pressures
      • Interchangeable with BRS, AquaFX, Kent Marine, AWI, and most other residential or aquarium DI or RO/DI systems

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Brandon Scheinuck
Great product!

Charles and Nick really hooked me up with my setup. One of the relatively small units but I don't need to produce a ton of water. After getting it all dialed in my product water versus wastewater ratios are amazing. Highly recommend this company and it's products. Reliability, dependability, affordability etc. Awesome product

Francis Martin
Excellent water quality

The entire family agrees the drinking water and ice that uses waters filtered by Spectra pure products is of excellent quality and taste.

Hi Francis,

Thanks for the review on our sediment filter. I'm glad to hear the family loves the drinking water and ice! A combination of our high quality prefilters and high rejection membrane will always provide you good clean water.

Thanks for supporting SpectraPure and have a Happy New Year


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