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Whole House, Commercial, Industrial, Hydroponics and Lab Grade Systems.

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Large Format Water Purification

Custom Built for Your Needs!

SpectraPure manufacturers a full line of RO Systems that can fit the needs of most large formats of water purification, including (but not limited to) Whole House Systems, Commercial, Industrial, Lab Grade, and Hydroponics systems!

These systems utilize ultra-high rejection TFC Membranes with high production volumes and Ultra-High Efficiency (low waste-to-product ratio) RO and RODI systems that are specifically tailored to produce large amounts of the purest water.

From Standardized Systems, designed specifically for your industry, to Custom Built Systems, design to fit your particular needs. See why SpectraPure is the most trusted Water Purification Company all across the US!

If you're in need of a large format RO or Softening system, please contact us below for more information!

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  • Custom Tailored Water Purification for Any Size Project or Home
  • Capable of Producing over 10,000 Gallons Per Day or More
  • Optional High Recovery Anti-Scalant Injection Systems Available
  • As Powerful As You Want! We Can Customer Build A System to Fit All of Your Needs!

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