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While rainwater is essentially water that is distilled through the process of natural evaporation and condensation, it can be heavily polluted by the time it travels through the atmosphere. Once pure, rainwater can carry a number of toxins and contaminants by the time it reaches your faucets, which means that it no longer shows a reading of zero total dissolved solids (TDS). However, with an RODI filtration system from SpectraPure, you can produce water with consistent readings of zero TDS. In fact, helping you make pure water and improve on mother nature is at the core of all of our innovation initiatives.

Thanks to our founder, Charles Mistis and his commitment to the highest standards in water purification, reverse osmosis deionized (RODI) water, has become a staple within the reefing industry. Not all filtration systems, RO membranes, or DI resins are created equally, which means that it’s important to research a product before you purchase it. We proudly stand behind the quality of each of our filtration system products. The powerful one-two punch delivered by Spectrapure’s MaxCap® and SilicaBuster™ resins is the result of three decades of pioneering, researching, and testing. Join the conversation with SpectraPureTV’s host, Cindy Christi, and marketing director, David Lloyd, as they discuss why SpectraPure’s MaxCap systems are leaders in the market for creating ultra pure RO and DI water for your reef tank. Need help? Our experts love helping you achieve your dream reef environment. If you have a challenge, we have your solution! Contact us for a complimentary 5-point assessment and find out if SpectraPure’s MaxCap system is right for you at or (480) 894-5437. Thanks for choosing SpectraPure your one-stop resource for keeping your water pure and perfectly balanced for life!
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