Hollow Fiber Membrane 0.5 Micron w/ 1/4 MPT fittings

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FiberFlo HF 50 Hollow Fiber Membranes offer the highest degree of control of particulate, microorganisms and pyrogens through its absolute pore removal rating of 0.05μm and the retentive characteristics of its Polyphen Polysulfone membrane. We recommend them for the most demanding pyrogen removal applications. HF 50 will remove 100% of endotoxin when challenged with a feed concentration of 5.0 Eu/ml (test sensitivity of 0.06 Eu/ml).

FiberFlo HF 50 Hollow Fiber Membranes are designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO 9000 Quality Systems Standards. 100% integrity tested during manufacturing to guarantee integrity and they are manufactured and tested nonpyrogenic by Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL). The capsule filters have been verified to provide a sterile effluent when challenged with bacteria according Health Industry Manufacturing Association (HIMA) standards. The polysulfone fiber used in these filter devices are manufactured by the Filtration Technologies Group using U.S. patent number 5,762,798.

Inline Applications: Viral removal, fermentation, point-of-use filtration of high purity water, point-of-use filtration of solutions, sterile filtration f solutions, final sterilization of solutions at the filling head, particle removal. (Solutions include buffers, biologicals, regents, water, media, pharmaceuticals, blood products, etc.)

Size 2 in Dia. X 6 in Long.

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